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    Elite Blog: MK-2866

    Research Product name: MK-2866

    Short name: Rapid Repair

    Molecular Formula:  C19H14F3N3O3

    Compound introduction:

    MK-2866 is an oral SARM that binds to the androgen receptors and essentially sends signals to the muscle tissue in subjects to grow, heal and repair.

    Compound History:

    Originally MK-2866 was designed too prevent muscle wasting but has since yielded significant muscle tissue repair and performance capabilities. 

    So much so that the compound has gained mainstream media attention as it has been used as an off label performance enhancement compound in elite level and competitive sporting such as MMA, cycling and other athletic sports. 

    Current compound use:

    While the compound is not yet approved in competitive sports for its very obvious repair and performance capabilities, it is gaining traction in the scientific community for its vast healing capabilities and is becoming exceptionally popular amongst many research practitioners. 

    Stacking the compound:

    In terms of stacking capabilities MK-2866 is a compound that stacks exceptionally well with a lean muscle compound such as LGD-4033 and an endurance compound such as GW-501516.

    This is a popular, synergistic way for a subject to gain a three pronged compound benefit of lean muscle, improved performance and rapid repair. All key elements sought when SARMS are used in various studies and trials.

    In terms of suppression of natural testosterone levels while there are many SARMS that will have some notable suppression which subsides once a traditional course of administration has finished, MK-2866 is known as a very non-suppressive SARM in the SARMS family.

    Benefits of the compound:

    While the overall benefits of MK-2866 such as well being and other desirable outcomes are vast, without question the key benefit that comes with this compound would be rapid repair and healing as well as strength and performance. 

    This has been evidenced by its prominence, notably in the 2015 European games where an Olympic level athlete fined media attention for using this compound to gain a competitive advantage in a competitive event.

    Compound summary:

    In summary the development of MK-2866 has been a welcome addition to the SARMS family and performance enhancement world and a product that research practitioners are excited to move into further development and trials. 

    Due to its rapid repair and performance capabilities it is a product that many are following with anticipation as a soon to be mainstream product available in various capacities around the world.


    You can find this compound available for purchase here:

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