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    Elite Blog: Shredding SARMS 

    Research Product name: GW-501516, SR-9009

    Molecular Formula: Listed

    Product Type: Premium Research 

    SARMS for Cutting?

    In modern science and especially in the sports science world there are always new initiatives being advanced in the search for the perfect cardio improvement compound or performance improvement product.

    This could mean a compound that ramps up cardio and anaerobic activity phenomenally or a compound that can do this and also put the body in a resting state of exercise resulting in a powerful tool for fat loss.

    Fortunately there are currently two compounds under trial and in use that address both of these desired outcomes in subjects and we will go further into these in our mini blog here.

    They of course are the compounds GW-501516 (often referred to as ‘Shred’) and SR-9009 (often referred to as ‘Fat Melt). The reasons for this will be ore understood here.

    GW-501516 (Shred):

    GW-501516 was initially developed as a cardiovascular enhancement tool which was shown to have a dramatic improvement in physical performance, output and ability in subjects. 

    So powerful was its ability to enhance performance that the compound had been changed and improved to an extent where it was not only undetectable but was being used by Olympic level athletes (albeit not approved) to gain a competitive edge over the world’s best.

    Of course as time progressed this was discovered and many athletes were subsequently punished for using such powerful performance enhancers in competitive sports however the compound had found its way into the main stream and went on to become the go to compound for subjects seeking to dramatically ramp up physical performance and shred fat.

    A phase IV clinical study on GW-501516 was completed in 2008. It assessed the application of GW5015156 in the treatment of high blood cholesterol in insulin resistance and obesity.

    In this study no adverse events were reported by the authors for the phase IV trials. The authors also cited two earlier clinical studies that showed no significant adverse effect of the drug, including liver or muscle responses in participants treated with GW501516.


    Since 2008 GW-501516 has been found to have been used for performance enhancement in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 competitive cycling, 2014 in competitive race walking as well as becoming prolific in MMA and at various levels of other competitive sports.

    While GW-501516 is a safe and legal research compound that is improving in its mechanics of action and with further studies and trials underway, it is a compound that many believe has a bright future ahead due to it’s proven effectiveness and years of study. 

    Link to compound:


    Compound Molecular Breakdown?

    The molecular formula and breakdown for the GW-501516 compound is as follows: 


    Product name: GW-501516

    Molecular Formula: C21H18F3NO3S2

     SR-9009 (Enhanced Melt):

    Now, the next compound in our mini blog is SR-9009 which many are attributing as the most powerful next generation tool for fat loss and cardio enhancement.

    This is primarily due to the fact that it not only ramps up ergogenic performance but also has the highly unique ability to put the body in a resting state of exercise meaning a subject can burn fat whilst in and out of the gym.

    SR-9009 does this by activation of the Rev-erbA protein an hence increasing exercise capacity in subjects by  increasing mitochondria in skeletal muscle.

    SR-9009 is considered a new generation scientific breakthrough by many due to the fact that it can increase physical output and performance in the gym but the resting state of exercise outside of the gym is what is most attractive.

    While many practitioners have observed the effects of thermogenic compounds on subjects being rather harsh in nature, SR-9009 is a softer and more effective tool in regulating the state of the body. In other words it can create a resting state of exercise without heat or creating a shaky feeling so this is certainly something that is appealing to individuals an subjects.

    Monty notably SR-9009 has had no negative side effects and phenomenally effective results in trials to date making it an even more exceptional compound of interest in the sports science community.

    SR-9009 is fast being developed as a major up and coming compound. It can be currently purchased as a safe, legal research compound and many believe it  has an exceptionally bright future ahead.

    Link to compound:


    Molecular Breakdown:

    The molecular formula and breakdown for the SR-9009 compound is as follows:


    Product name: SR-9009

    Molecular Formula: C20H24ClN3O4S


    Disclaimer: This information here is intended for educational and  informational purposes only. These products are intended for laboratory and research use only. No statements made on this page have been evaluated by the FDA or international equivalent  These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption. Please refer to our Product Use and Disclaimer for more information.